At Wyandotte Family Dental, we provide custom mouth guards to help you protect your teeth and mouth from accident, injury, and teeth grinding. Mouth guards are essential in preventing accidental tooth loss in sports and other physical activities. Our custom mouth guards are designed to offer optimal protection so that your teeth remain safely in place. Dr. Cleereman and Dr. Veizaj offer several types of mouth guards to protect your teeth, including:

Bite/Night Guards – Night guards protect your teeth from the dangers of bruxism (night-time teeth grinding). Wearing the custom night guard as prescribed can help prevent unnecessary tooth wear and may decrease your risk for TMJ disorders.

Under Armour® Performance Mouth Guards – Under Armour® performance mouth guards are made specifically for those who participate in athletics and other physical activities. Designed to fit your mouth perfectly, Under Armour® guards will provide a comfortable experience without inhibiting your breathing.

Custom mouth guards can truly protect your teeth and keep you smiling for years to come. We invite you to contact us today if you would like to learn more about all of the benefits of a mouth guard in Wyandotte, Michigan. Our dentists and team are excited to protect and care for your smile, and we are excited to hear from you soon.