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“Wyandotte Family Dental, We can’t thank you enough. We really appreciate you visiting us and presenting such valuable information to our students. We are so grateful to have such a generous business in our community. Our students enjoyed you being here and were so excited about their gift bags! Thanks again!”
– Kristen M. and Washington Elementary

“My experience with the STA System was much more comfortable then the usual numbing technique.”
-Jacob P. 13 years old

“That new numbing process is great! The STA system is what I would like from now on. Dr. Cleereman was wonderful, she gave me time to ask questions,..that way I understood before hand, what was going to be done. She made sure throughout the whole appointment that I was comfortable. Her assistant was very friendly, really the whole staff is! Thats very important. It made me feel comfortable to approach them with any question or concern that I had. I felt that from the first time I called in,..and that matters, because thats your first impression of who will be caring for you. Thats where it starts! I definately recommend this office!”
– Trish S.

“I just wanted to say that new numbing system, The Sta System, is amazing. Normally getting anything done at the dentist made my next cup of coffee a bit difficult. Now, I wont spill it on myself!”
– James P.

“I am very pleased with Dr. Cleereman and the results of her work. She was able to calm my son down so he would allow her to remove his tooth. It was done so in a very professional manner, and even better, painless. 02/03/12 Give Kids a Smile.”
– Veronico S.

“Very good care. No pain and very pleased with my new partial will I recommend Wyandotte Family Dental to friends and Family? Absolutely!”
– Joseph L.

“Dear Wyandotte Family Dental, I just wanted to thank you for providing free dental services to my daughter in observation of the national “Give Kids a Smile Day” Your generosity was truly a blessing as we do not have Dental Insurance.”
– Nancy P.

“To be honest, I normally hate the dentist and am terrified to come in, but its been great every visit! I have been very comfortable with each appointment!”
– Amber S.

“I am so glad to have found this office! Each aspect has met my expectations. The staff is friendly, Dr. Susan is great, the fees are reasonable and the work, I love it. My new partial is very comfortable with just a couple needed adjustments.”
– Nancy M.

“I had repeatedly heard good things about Dr. Cleereman from co-workers and our patients at my place of employment. So I switched from my dentist of 5 years to Dr. Cleereman and I found her to be excellent!”
– Tamara S.

“Today I was very scared to get a filling. After talking to the staff they made me a lot more calm. After it was done I can’t believe I was a baby! This was the best dentist experience I have ever had. And I will continue to tell everyone how great this office is. Thanks!”
– Brittany B.

“On August 16, 2012 I came into the office for treatment for a filling. I had a cold sore on my lip and asked if I could still be seen. They said no problem. The Dr. informed me that she has a laser that will relieve the swelling and helps prevent future flare-ups. After treatment I no longer have the swelling and the discomfort that I felt prior to treatment. I truly appreciate the Dr. suggesting the use of the laser for my cold sore.”
– Gail M.

“I had a cavity filled today October 4th, 2012.I ussually do not like going to the Dentist. but I do like having nice teeth. Today’s visit was great! Dr. Cleereman relieved my fear by using the STA System. It only numbs one tooth which is awesome! I left after my appointment without the whole side of my face feeling numb. I will definitely recommend Wyandotte Family Dental to all of my friends!”
– Maryfro

“NO PAIN! Able to numb a tooth that has never been numb before by different dentists.”
– Jennifer M.