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Tooth sensitivity can be a drag. It hurts when eating things like your favorite ice cream or drinking an ice cold soda. It can also be a good thing because the pain is letting you know there is an issue wrong with your tooth. You could be on the verge of losing a filling, gum disease, having a fractured tooth, worn enamel, as well as exposed roots. There are treatments available for all these things.

– Desensitizing toothpaste: This kind of toothpaste is very helpful it contains compounds in the paste that help keep painful sensations at bay after a few uses.
– Fluoride gel: Using this will build up the minerals in your teeth, which strengthens your enamel and blocking the pathway to the tooth’s nerve.
– Dental work: Treatments like dental crowns and dental veneers can reduce tooth sensitivity and tooth decay while also adding cosmetic value. Surgical gum graft: This treatment will help if your gums have pulled down to expose the roots. A gum graft will restore your gums back into place to protect tooth’s root and eliminate your tooth sensitivity.
– Root canal therapy: This is used if none of the others work. It will remove the tooth’s sensitivity.

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