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The relationship between genetics and your oral health is often discussed as a key factor for your smile, but brushing and flossing remain key treatments for achieving the clean mouth you desire.
For a better understanding of the basics of genetics and your oral health, listed below are some important facts to ponder over:

– Although genetics can increase your risk for oral health disorders, at this current time, there are no systems capable of accurately predicting your risk for developing them.
– The risks for oral health disorders, including sleep apnea, can be greatly increased due to genetics. However, even if you are genetically predisposed to a disorder or disease, it does not automatically mean you will get it.
– Specific dental issues such as cavities and gum disease do come with certain genetic markers, but suffering from either depend much more on your lifestyle and oral hygiene than your genetics do.

No matter which oral health care service you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can provide. If you would like Dr. Cleereman, Dr. Veizaj, and our team at Wyandotte Family Dental to bring you in for an oral exam to determine which treatment is best for you, please contact our dentist office in Wyandotte, Michigan, by calling us at 734-282-2019. The time is now to approach the rest of your life with a smile!